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Dapple maximizes your earnings & minimizes your hassle

Tax Deductible Fees
Maximize your earnings by claiming Stripe and Dapple fees as business expenses on your taxes, reducing your taxable income and keeping more money in your pocket.

Schedule Management
Never lose track of your appointments again. Dapple keeps a clear record of the horses you’ve shod and shows you when they’re next due, ensuring your schedule is always up-to-date. Less back and forth with trainers and owners as well!

Integrated Invoicing System
Ditch the extra expense of accounting software. With Dapple, invoicing is built-in, simplifying your financial management without the need for additional subscriptions.

Streamlined Payments
Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking down payments. Dapple provides an easy payment solution, allowing clients to pay conveniently and securely directly through a payment link.

Invoicing Fees

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No Subscription

Dapple offers a straightforward approach to business with no subscription fees. Simply invoice your clients through our user-friendly app, and manage your operations with the ease and flexibility that comes from not being tied to a subscription model.

Stripe Fee

Dapple eliminates the hassle of chasing checks by using Stripe for secure online payments. A minimal Stripe fee applies, comparable to upcoming Venmo transaction charges, ensuring your transactions are effortless and secure.

Dapple Commission

To earn revenue, Dapple charges 1.5% on all invoices paid after Stripe processing fees. Our commission structure is designed with your success in mind. Dapple only earns when you do, by taking a small percentage from the invoices you generate. 

Dapple Payment Journey


Stripe transaction fee

2.9% of invoice price + 0.30¢


Dapple Commission

1.5% of the remaining transaction


Stripe payout fee

0.25% of invoice + 0.25¢


Get paid fast & hassle-free


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